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Minnesota Abortion Law

Mandate doctors talk about a man’s obligation to pay child support


Minnesota requires doctors to tell patients that the man involved in their pregnancy is liable to assist in the support of her child. State law requires doctors to provide this information before a person is allowed to have an abortion, even if the doctor believes this information may cause emotional harm to a patient — and if a doctor does not share it, they would risk losing their medical license.


We trust our doctors to make the best recommendations for care and treat patients with respect. This mandate not only forces doctors to speak against their own opinion and expertise, but also makes assumptions about the people who seek abortion care. Presuming the man is involved, not taking into account that the pregnancy could be the result of rape, and failing to recognize that abortion care goes beyond the scope of straight women and should be inclusive to those who identify as LGBTQ, all add to the stigma and myths already surrounding abortion.