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About This Campaign

It’s time to UnRestrict Minnesota.

UnRestrict Minnesota is a community-supported public awareness campaign that aims to educate and motivate Minnesotans to stay informed about their rights and access to abortion care in the state.

Minnesotans are justifiably proud of our state’s reputation and rich history as a leader on many social justice fronts. But Minnesota still has work to do — particularly in the area of reproductive health, rights, and justice. A recent poll showed that 82% of Minnesota voters think abortion should not be so political. The state’s legislative code remains littered with a number of antiquated laws enacted by anti-abortion politicians who oppose Minnesotans’ right to decide for themselves whether to continue or end a pregnancy.

The Minnesota Constitution and Supreme Court rulings guarantee and protect people’s right to decide to end a pregnancy and to get abortion care, without the government trying to sway them one way or another.

As attacks on access to safe, legal, and essential reproductive health care sweep through many other states across the country, now is the time to respect our state constitution, respect women and equality, and protect all of our rights and freedoms.

The Lawsuit

A lawsuit has been filed to strike down abortion restrictions.

A coalition of Minnesota advocates, including two health care providers, the First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis, and Our Justice, filed a lawsuit challenging a number of abortion restrictions currently on the books in Minnesota. The plaintiffs are represented by Minnesota legal and policy advocacy organization Gender Justice and The Lawyering Project.

The Minnesota Supreme Court has long recognized abortion access as a fundamental right. Yet our state still has laws on the books that:

  • Restrict access to abortion and other reproductive health services
  • Are out-of-step with contemporary medical practice
  • Reflect antiquated views about women’s role in society

These laws disproportionately harm low-income people, people of color and indigenous/Native American people, immigrants, people who lack health insurance, and other marginalized groups. They also fail to honor the diverse religious traditions of Minnesotans.

The lawsuit aims to do the following:

  • Ensure our state has a system of just laws that uphold the rights and dignity of all Minnesotans
  • Protect everyone’s access to high-quality reproductive and sexual healthcare
  • Strike down or prohibit the state from enforcing these restrictions

Let’s remove politics from our health care!

What Minnesotans are saying…

Abortion care is healthcare. Women are capable of making decisions about their bodies.


Abortion is healthcare, full stop. Antiquated, extreme restrictions are not about safety or saving lives, they are about power and control over women’s bodies and lives.

Claire – St. Paul, MN

I want my children to decide when they are ready to be parents. When they are adults that are emotionally, physically & financially ready is a great time!


It’s not the government’s job to restrict our bodies. Bodily autonomy is a principle freedom.


My abortion was where I took action, where I made the best decision for me and my family.

Elizabeth – Minneapolis, MN

I’m 56 but I want my younger sisters to have the choice! No one should tell a woman what she can do with HER BODY!!


Meet our community partners.

A community of concerned citizens, advocates, health care providers, and lawyers have come together in a reproductive health, rights, and justice coalition to support every Minnesotan’s right to make their own decision about whether or when to be a parent, and educate our community on restrictions surrounding abortion care.

Learn more about each of our partner organizations, their missions, and how you can support their work.