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Get Involved

Together, we can UnRestrict Minnesota!

The UnRestrict Minnesota campaign is powered by people like you: the majority of Minnesotans who agree everyone should have the autonomy and ability to make healthy decisions about if and when they want to become a parent.

We’ve listed many different opportunities to get involved below. Please scroll down to browse different ways to take action for reproductive freedom!

Stay Informed!

Get the latest from UnRestrict Minnesota and join the campaign.

The UnRestrict Coalition

Volunteer and support the critical work of UnRestrict Minnesota’s partner organizations including the LGBTQ advocates, faith communities, doctors, activists, abortion funds, lawyers, organizers, clinics, doulas, podcasts, and many others that make up the UnRestrict Minnesota coalition.

Email Your Lawmakers

Ask Your Lawmakers to End Unconstitutional Abortion Restrictions.

Anti-abortion lawmakers in our state have been quietly passing laws that restrict abortion access, intimidate providers and patients, and increase costs.

Ask your lawmakers to remove unconstitutional restrictions on abortion.

Take Action

Sign the Petition for Reproductive Freedom

When a person has decided to have an abortion, it should be safe, legal, affordable, available in their community, and free from punishment or judgement.

Call Your Legislators

Speak to your representative directly, speak with a member of their staff, or leave a voice message at their office. Keep calls/messages short but personal. Here’s a sample message:

“Hello, this message is for [YOUR REPRESENTATIVE OR SENATOR’S NAME HERE]. My name is [YOUR NAME HERE]. I’m a constituent of yours living in [YOUR CITY OR ZIP CODE]. I’m calling today to urge you to support the Patient’s Right to Know Act. The act establishes a right for healthcare providers to give medically accurate, relevant and evidence-based information to their patients. The bill would also eliminate the forced 24-hour waiting period and the biased state-mandated script doctors must read to patients before they access care. Abortion accessibility is important to me because [INCLUDE YOUR PERSONAL OPINION OR STORY].”


Help sustain the fight for abortion access throughout the year by becoming a monthly donor. Give $5, $10, or $25 each month to the only multi-racial, cross-sector coalition in the state fighting to repeal Minnesota’s abortion restrictions and working to protect every Minnesotan’s right to make healthy decisions about if and when to become a parent.

Attend a Town Hall

Publicly ask that your representative lend their support for the Patients’ Right to Know Act.

Sample Questions:

  • “Will you commit to support for the Patients’ Right To Know Act and repeal the 24 hour waiting period and the state mandated lecture that doctors must read to patients?”
  • “Do you agree that it is the individual and NOT the government who should have the power to choose the outcome of a pregnancy?”

Submit a Letter to the Editor

Submit a letter to the editor to your local newspaper about why you support Reproductive Freedom.

Share on Social Media!

Share why you support reproductive freedom on social media. Tagging your legislators in social media posts is a great way to get their attention! Find Your Representative.

We also recommend using shared hashtags and unified messaging, and posts with images. Selfies in particular tend to get more views and clicks or you can download and share the following graphics: