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The Fight Is Now

This is the Moment to Fight for Abortion Access

The federal right to abortion is gone. Our bodily autonomy is under threat like never before. State and local elections will continue to determine the future of access to reproductive health care in Minnesota. After helping elect a historic reproductive freedom legislature in Minnesota, UnRestrict Minnesota Action is ready for this moment and we invite you to join us in the fight.

Minnesota must become a national leader for abortion access. Every state bordering us is restricting access to abortion care with each passing day and we are struggling to meet the demand for care in Minnesota.

We need to destigmatize, protect, and expand access to abortion care and all reproductive healthcare in Minnesota. This can only happen if we keep electing champions who will lead the fight for reproductive justice.

Meet UnRestrict Minnesota Action

UnRestrict Minnesota Action is a partner organization to UnRestrict Minnesota, created to meet this moment.

We are uniquely positioned to address reproductive rights and abortion access in Minnesota, as the only multi-racial, statewide, community-supported campaign for reproductive freedom in our state. Our groundbreaking coalition brought Minnesota’s hidden and harmful abortion restrictions to light. We mobilized tens of thousands across our state. Now we are bringing this power to electing pro-reproductive freedom champions, spearheading real legislative action, and paving the way for Minnesota to lead on abortion access.

UnRestrict Minnesota Action works to expand access to abortion while being grounded in a commitment to reproductive justice, a framework created for and by black women. This intersectional framework works to ensure all people have the ability to decide if, when, and how to become parents and to raise healthy children in safe communities.

Electing Pro-Reproductive Freedom Champions for Real Results at the Legislature

Through targeted electoral strategies, UnRestrict Minnesota Action is laying the groundwork to elect reproductive justice champions, pass proactive policy, and expand access to abortion.

UnRestrict Minnesota Action is expanding beyond traditional electoral strategies by engaging young people and LGBTQ+ and BIPOC communities in key districts where candidates in tough races could help us win a pro-reproductive freedom majority in the state House and Senate.

UnRestrict Minnesota Action shows up every day at the legislature – with the strength of millions of Minnesotans behind us – to advocate for and pass “Minnesota Beyond Roe: Leadership Agenda for Abortion Access.” The Agenda is our roadmap for reproductive health, rights, and justice for our state — and for the United States after Roe. Our agenda includes three key actions: Repeal Restrictions, Enact Protections, and Ensure Affordability.

Support UnRestrict Minnesota Action

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Mobilize with UnRestrict Minnesota Action

Whether it’s door-knocking, organizing small gatherings, or getting out the word on social media – we need you! Let us know how you’d like to be involved.

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Our Power is Our Vote

With the federal right to abortion gone, we need you to vote for and keep electing champions who will lead the fight for reproductive freedom. You, and every Minnesotan, deserve the power to choose your future and the ability to do what’s best for yourself and your family. We need to vote like our rights depend on it, because they do.

Have questions about where your polling location is? Not sure if you’re registered to vote? Have you moved since the last election? Get your election day questions answered here!