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The Fight Is Now

This is the Moment to Fight for Abortion Access

When the United States Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade and ended the federal right to abortion access, UnRestrict Minnesota Action acted decisively to ensure that abortion rights would continue to be protected in Minnesota.

And the fight isn’t over.

With an increase in demand for abortion care increasing 40% in Minnesota since the fall of Roe, we need to show up strong at the polls and at the Capitol to demonstrate the power of the majority of Minnesotans who support abortion rights. We need your help to:

  • Ensure that abortion is affordable for all who need it, especially for those who don’t have insurance or are insured through Medicaid
  • Expand funding for evidence-based and full spectrum pregnancy support services
  • Elect and re-elect reproductive freedom champions to ensure that Minnesota remains a national leader for abortion access
  • End abortion stigma

2024 UnRestrict Minnesota Reproductive Freedom Legislative Agenda

Building on historic progress—and realizing an expansive vision for reproductive + gender freedom

Electing Reproductive Freedom Champions for Real Results at the Legislature

UnRestrict Minnesota Action mobilizes voters who are typically ignored by traditional electoral strategies in key districts for candidates in tough races. In 2022, our work helped secure our state’s first ever pro-reproductive freedom majority in the state House and Senate.

This new leadership at the legislature made it possible to pass bold, historic legislation to protect and expand abortion access in Minnesota.

With the support of thousands of Minnesotans like yourself, we were able to:

  • Enshrine the right to reproductive freedom in Minnesota law
  • Remove five decades of anti-abortion laws from the books
  • Establish protections for everyone who seeks, provides, or helps someone get abortion care in Minnesota from legal action and criminal prosecution by anti-abortion activists and politicians from out of state
  • End state funding for anti-abortion crisis pregnancy centers

Meet UnRestrict Minnesota Action

UnRestrict Minnesota Action is the advocacy and political arm of UnRestrict Minnesota.

The groundbreaking UnRestrict Minnesota campaign brought Minnesota’s hidden and harmful abortion restrictions to light. We mobilized tens of thousands across our state. Now we are bringing this power to electing pro-reproductive freedom champions, spearheading real legislative action, and paving the way for Minnesota to lead on abortion access.

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Your support will help elect reproductive freedom champions and pass legislation to expand abortion access. Join us with a gift today!

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