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Minnesota Laws

Do you know the abortion laws in Minnesota?

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Join the millions of Minnesotans who agree everyone should have the power and ability to make healthy decisions about their own bodies, decide whether and when to become a parent, and raise healthy children in our communities if we decide to become parents.

The Lawsuit

A lawsuit has been filed to strike down abortion restrictions.

The Minnesota Supreme Court has long recognized abortion access as a fundamental right. Yet Minnesota still has laws on the books that restrict access to abortion and other reproductive health services, are out-of-step with contemporary medical practice, and reflect antiquated views about women’s role in society.

A legal challenge has been filed to repeal a number of abortion restrictions currently on the books in Minnesota.

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What Minnesotans are saying…

No one religion should be enshrined inlaw or dictate public policy on any issue — including abortion. Anything else is a violation of my religious freedom.

Beth – Minneapolis, MN

My body, my choice. I get to decide when I’m ready for kids – both deserve it.


Reproductive freedom is human freedom. To say otherwise is to say women aren’t human.


The choice to be a parent is a sacred choice that cannot be legislated away.

Rev. Donley – Mounds View, MN

These restrictions not only create interference between doctors and patients, they also strip women of the dignity of making their own healthcare decisions.

Amy – Minnesota

Women have the right to honest, affordable, and accessible care regardless of their geographic location.