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The Reproductive Freedom Heroes Standing Up For Our Rights

On Thursday, April 29, 2021, the Minnesota Senate had their first opportunity of this entire year to vote on an effort to restore the ability of health care providers to provide their patients information about abortion that is medically accurate, evidence-based, and appropriate to each individual.

We’ll cut to the chase: that vote failed 36-30.

And we’re not going to lie: we are sorely disappointed.

But we are far from hopeless. In fact, we have every reason to be filled with optimism, and that’s because watching the reproductive freedom champions in the Minnesota legislature make heroic efforts to protect the integrity of our health care system gives us the confidence that we will ultimately win this battle.

The Senators speaking out in support of our reproductive freedom on the Senate floor brought eloquence, passion, and, most importantly, truth to this fight. They stood up against vicious attacks from anti-abortion extremists, and we know it would mean a lot to them to know you have their back. Add your name to the card we’re sending them to say thank you.

We also wanted to make sure you saw their efforts to advocate on behalf of all Minnesotans: here’s the footage of their arguments

No health care provider should ever be placed in a position where they must misinform a patient, and no patient should have to question whether they are receiving the best information possible from their doctor.

As Senator Lindsey Port said this week, “We should not be getting between doctors and their patients, and we certainly should not force them to give information that’s irrelevant, biased, or medically inaccurate.”

Watch our reproductive freedom champions — and then add your name to our letter thanking them.

And thank you for joining us in this fight. With your help, we will win.