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Thank Pro-Reproductive Freedom Legislators for Standing Up for Abortion Access

We will send this note to the pro-reproductive freedom champions who spoke on the floor of the Senate to stand up for all of our rights to thank them for their bold commitment. Sign your name below to show legislators that abortion access is an issue they should continue to fight for!

Thank You Card

Dear Senators Melisa Franzen, Ann Johnson Stewart, Matt Klein, John Marty, Jen McEwen, Erin Murphy, Lindsey Port, and Melissa Wiklund:

Thank you for standing up for reproductive health, rights, and justice in Minnesota. Your bold support and commitment to ensuring that every person has access to safe and affordable abortion care does not go unnoticed and gives hope for a future without medically unnecessary restrictions on abortion.

No health care provider should ever be placed in a position where they must misinform a patient, and no patient should have to question whether they are receiving the best information possible from their doctor.

Thank you again for your commitment to making reproductive freedom a reality for all Minnesotans.