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Supreme Court agrees to hear mifepristone case

December 13, 2023

This morning, the United States Supreme Court announced it will hear arguments this term in U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) v. Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine, a case about the FDA’s approval of the abortion medication mifepristone.

Here are the most important things to know!

  • Abortion — including medication abortion — remains legal and accessible here in Minnesota.
  • Restricting mifepristone would significantly compromise abortion access across the country — including here in Minnesota, where state law protects abortion rights.
  • There is overwhelming evidence that medication abortion is safe and effective for virtually anyone who wants to end a pregnancy in its earliest stages.

Learn all about accessing medication abortion in Minnesota in our new guide!

At UnRestrict Minnesota, we believe everyone should have the ability to make decisions about their own reproductive lives and future, including choosing the method of abortion that works best for their circumstances.

We will continue to fight to make this a reality for all Minnesotans.