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National news and more updates from UnRestrict Minnesota

September 16, 2022

Just two months after Roe was overturned, Senator Lindsey Graham introduced a nationwide abortion ban this week. West Virginia passed an abortion ban. Abortion access is hanging by a thread in many states – but our supporters and partners are here, every day, fighting for our rights.

Keep reading for this week’s news from UnRestrict Minnesota!

Support the SAD Act

As reproductive health clinics disappear across the country — and entirely from certain states — Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs), which spread misinformation about pregnancy and abortion, are thriving.

Call or email your lawmakers’ offices and share your support for the Stop Anti-Abortion Disinformation Act (SAD Act, HR 8210 / S 4469).

The SAD Act would assist in ensuring the information patients receive regarding their reproductive health is both medically accurate and unbiased. Thank you to National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW) for leading on this during their Week of Action this week!

#AbortionFacts Campaign

UnRestrict Minnesota joined Ultraviolet, Physicians for Reproductive Health, and over 100 medical providers in signing a letter demanding Google ban intentionally misleading advertisements sponsored by anti-abortion clinics.

People are looking for information, not to be persuaded by politically-charged fake clinics. The campaign, #AbortionFacts, was covered this week by The Hill and shared widely on social media.

Drink Beer, Fund Abortion is Back!

Drink Beer, Fund Abortion is back for a second year at Fair State Brewing Cooperative! Join Our Justice on September 29 to raise funds for abortion access in Minnesota.

Now, more than ever, sustainable support for abortion funds is needed. Our Justice staff and board will talk about the importance of sustained community support to ensure abortion care is accessible in Minnesota. We hope to see you there!