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Mifepristone FAQ – and more news

January 12, 2024

Check out what’s new with UnRestrict Minnesota!

Analysis: Nearly 1 in 5 People Seeking Abortion Traveled Out of State

Check out this article, with some great quotes from UnRestrict Minnesota coalition partner, Whole Woman’s Health CEO Amy Hagstrom Miller, on an increase in travel times for abortion.

“They’re tired and fatigued, but mostly they’re just so resolved. They’ve gone through so much to get that appointment. There is not indecision.” Hagstrom Miller said. Read the full article from CNN here.

Mifepristone FAQ

Gender Justice, UnRestrict Minnesota’s institutional home, is tracking ongoing developments regarding the future of Mifepristone, a medication with over two decades of proven use as a safe, effective, FDA-approved option for ending an early pregnancy within the first 10 weeks. More than half of all abortions in Minnesota and across the United States are via medication abortion care.

But anti-abortion organizations, activists and politicians have been working through the courts to block access to Mifepristone as part of their broader goal of banning abortion nationwide.

Check out this FAQ to keep updated and informed.

Prairie Abortion Fund Annual Fundraiser: Choice Desserts

The Prairie Abortion Fund (formerly known as the ND Women in Need Fund) is holding its annual fundraiser on Friday, January 19. Most funds go to patients of the Red River Women’s Clinic, which up until the Dobbs decision was the only abortion clinic in North Dakota. The clinic became an UnRestrict Minnesota coalition partner when it was forced to move from Fargo to Moorhead after the Dobbs decision.

This fundraiser is the perfect opportunity to connect with community, hear about Prairie Abortion Fund’s advocacy work this past year, and eat delicious desserts in the name of funding abortion. This is a ticketed event so be sure to secure yours before January 17, 2024 here.

Robbinsdale Clinic Is Hiring

Robbinsdale Clinic, PA in Minneapolis, MN is a Family Medicine and Abortion Care Clinic that has been providing community healthcare services for over 60 years. The clinic is hiring a medical assistant and a patient advocate. Read more and apply here!

That’s it for this week. Thanks for reading!