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Now that the courts and the state legislature have eliminated most of the restrictions on abortion rights and access in Minnesota, what’s left to do?

The right to make our own decisions about our reproductive health care — and to get an abortion if that’s the decision we make — means nothing if access to the care we need is out of our reach.v

Along with unnecessary restrictions on the provision of abortion care and legal threats to those who seek and provide it, affordability is one of the most significant barriers preventing people who have made the decision to end a pregnancy from getting the care they need. This is especially true for those already struggling financially, particularly in this harsh economic climate

As we clear away the restrictions and protect patients and providers from threats, harassment, and intimidation, we must also take action to ensure that abortion care isn’t just a right — but an affordable, accessible option for all.

Increasing the affordability of abortion and all other essential reproductive health care services will be a top priority of UnRestrict Minnesota in the 2024 legislative session, along with taking on the so-called “crisis pregnancy centers” that use misinformation and coercive practices to actively discourage people from seeking abortion care — and that currently outnumber abortion clinics in Minnesota 11 to 1.

For more details, please read our Minnesota Beyond Roe legislative agenda here.