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Roe Is Gone. Now what?

Take action with UnRestrict Minnesota

The Supreme Court has officially overturned the federal right to abortion enshrined in Roe v. Wade. Here’s how you can take action to protect and expand abortion access in our state and region:

Support Our Leadership Agenda for Abortion Access

People from all over the region — and even across the nation — are already looking to Minnesota for abortion care. Unfortunately, Minnesota isn’t yet ready for an increased demand for abortion care. But we can rise to the challenge. The Leadership Agenda for Abortion Access is our roadmap for achieving our ideals, living our shared values, and leading the way toward a new vision for reproductive health, rights, and justice for our state — and for the United States after Roe.

What you can do now

Donate to local abortion funds, providers, and advocacy groups – and tell your friends and networks to donate too! Now that Roe v. Wade has been overturned, roughly half of the country will immediately or soon lose the right to abortion care. Local funds, providers, and advocates will be more important than ever as they face a surge in patients from across the country seeking care.

Share #OurAbortionStories

Partner organizations Advocates For Youth and We Testify led a National Day of Abortion Storytelling on Monday, June 13, 2022 to boldly share #OurAbortionStories through social media platforms. We can keep sharing our stories! Sharing your story can be a cathartic experience. Sharing abortion stories brings people together — and when we share #OurAbortionStories together, we create new advocates for access and broaden our community of supporters. Keep sharing your stories this summer as we educate our communities around this important issue! Share your story with us or reach out to We Testify to learn more about storytelling.

Stay Informed!

Get the latest from UnRestrict Minnesota and join the campaign.

SCOTUS Chat – Know your rights after Roe

Watch Gender Justice and ACLU-MN’s Supreme Court legal analysis and chat, which was live-streamed to Gender Justice and ACLU-MN social media Monday, June 27. Gender Justice Legal Director Jess Braverman and ACLU-MN Legal Director Terri Nelson shared their insights about the opinions issued in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision and the implications for reproductive rights and more.