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Finding Abortion Care When You Need It

Finding Abortion Care Locations

Where can I go for abortion care?
During difficult times, communities still need access to critical health care. In the state of Minnesota, there are currently eight abortion care providers. If you’re seeking access to abortion care, we recommend contacting any of the following providers:

Additional Resources
We partner with many incredible local organizations who provide vital reproductive resources for the community. From financial support to transportation and conversation, please check out some of these partner organizations to find the support you need:

Look Out for Anti-abortion Fake Health Centers
We also want to ensure while searching for support, you’re not misled. In Minnesota, there are 98 anti-abortion fake health centers that pose as health centers or clinics that provide abortion care. These fake health clinics are not staffed by medical professionals, but instead are staffed with anti-abortion volunteers who pose as reliable sources for medical information and assistance for pregnant people. Click here to see a list of these fake health centers so you can be sure to avoid them.

Now is the time to come together and support our fellow Minnesotans!
Wishing wellness to you and your loved ones from UnRestrict Minnesota.