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To Achieve Reproductive Freedom and Justice, Black Lives Must Truly Matter

Audre Lorde said, “There is no such thing as a single-issue struggle because we do not live single-issue lives.” To achieve our goal of making sure every Minnesotan has access to reproductive freedom, we must work towards the goal of making sure Black people can live safely in their communities, and to hold systems accountable that time and time again treat Black bodies like they are dispensable.

We grieve for George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and the countless other lives we have lost due to racism in the United States.


Below is a list of BIPOC-led organizations doing necessary work on the ground. If you have the means, please consider donating to one or all of them:

  • Healing Justice & SPIRAL Collective – Networks of healers working in partnership on the frontlines to provide medical assistance to protesters harmed by police violence, as well as mutual aid to pregnant folks and new parents. Give here:
  • Reclaim the Block – Organizing to divest from the MPD and live in a police-free world. Give here:
  • Black Visions Collective – Black-led and queer and trans-centered organizing work, investing in long term and ongoing community-building toward transformative justice and liberation. Give here:
  • Women for Political Change – Providing childcare to protesters and organizers, and giving mutual aid directly to folks on the frontlines. Give here:
  • Migizi Communications – MIGIZI Communications advances a message of success, well-being and justice for the American Indian community. Support them rebuilding after fire. Give here:
  • Black Table Arts – Gathering Black communities through the arts, towards better black futures. Give here: