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Moving Abortion Access Forward with Just The Pill

Just the Pill LogoJust The Pill is a new organization that provides medication abortion, birth control, and STI treatment by mail to Minnesota residents. The organization’s focus is on underserved areas of the state, and in particular rural communities in western and southern Minnesota. They also have plans for future services to include gender-affirming healthcare services. Read what Dr. Julie Amaon, Just The Pill’s Medical Director, shared with us about the goals and mission of the organization.


We started Just the Pill to meet the needs of our community. If you live outside of the Twin Cities, Duluth, Rochester and other population centers, the availability of abortion care is very limited. For many people, the only option has been to drive several hours to a clinic. Just The Pill is working to remove obstacles to accessing abortion services as well as other reproductive and sexual healthcare. We are also very clear that we want to reduce other barriers to accessing care, offering translation in multiple languages and significant financial assistance options. We are committed to learning from the communities we serve and being responsive and flexible to their needs.

“The majority of Minnesotans live in a county without a single abortion provider. Just The Pill is here to fix that. We will expand access to sexual and reproductive healthcare and in the future more comprehensive primary care services to rural Minnesotans. These types of services should be available no matter your geography, income, the language you speak, or the color of your skin.”

– Dr. Julie Amaon, Medical Director

When it comes to the abortion restrictions in our state, it’s important to educate our communities. Unfortunately, people often learn about the 24-hour waiting period and other restrictions only after they attempt to receive care. We need to educate people about existing abortion restrictions, as well as new threats to abortion access. Residents must vote and become politically active to protect access for themselves and other people in need in Minnesota.

New restrictions to accessing abortion are proposed during every legislative session in St. Paul. The work of UnRestrict Minnesota in educating Minnesotans about abortion restrictions, and mobilizing residents to speak out in support of reproductive freedom, is so important. Our state legislators need to understand that the majority of Minnesotans support abortion rights, but that will only happen if they hear our voices!

At Just The Pill, we envision a future in which every person in Minnesota is able to access abortion and other essential health care without limitations. Nobody should be denied quality health care because of their income, where they live, the language they speak, or their immigration status. Health care is a human right.

Just The Pill is in the midst of a fundraising campaign to expand our services. So if you’d like to get involved with this work, we welcome anyone interested to make a donation. We would also love to have you follow the work of Just The Pill. Find us on social media!


Are you interested in accessing Just The Pill’s services? They have things set up to be as simple as possible. If you live in Minnesota and have a cell phone or computer with internet access, they can help! You can complete your appointment, speak to a physician, and take your medication without ever leaving your home. Visit to get started.