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Attention: 10 Days of Action for Abortion Rights

10 Days of Action for Abortion Rights

With a Supreme Court ruling on Mississippi’s 15-week abortion ban set for this term, reproductive rights advocates need to mobilize now to protect access in a post-Roe America. Join us for 10 Days of Action to support abortion rights!

May 11: Sign up for the May 12 virtual briefing
May 12: Write a letter to your editor (submit to local newspapers)
May 13: Donate to local abortion funds, providers, and advocacy groups
May 14: Show up at rallies to show your support
May 15: Share your abortion story
May 16: Sign our petition for reproductive freedom
May 17: Write or call your legislators!
May 18: Post on social media that you support abortion rights! Tag and follow @UnRestrictMN
May 19: Thank Minnesota abortion providers!
May 20: Buy UnRestrict MN merchandise