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Take the Pledge!

The Time Is NOW to Repeal Minnesota’s Abortion Restrictions

Access to safe and affordable abortion care is an essential part of health care. Yet, anti-abortion lawmakers have been working, state-by-state, to eliminate access to abortion care across the country. Even here in Minnesota, outdated laws remain in place that restrict abortion access, intimidate providers and patients, and increase costs.

Our current laws treat Minnesotans like they are not smart enough to make healthy decisions about their own bodies, and are an insult to our state and its reputation. People living on low-incomes, people of color, young people, LGBTQ people, immigrant communities, and Minnesotans in rural communities already face the greatest obstacles in accessing health care. Lawmakers shouldn’t be making it more difficult. Abortion is a personal decision, and people who have abortions make their decision based on what is best for their health, family, and personal circumstances. We trust Minnesotans to decide the outcome of a pregnancy for themselves.

Now is the time to protect our communities and pledge a commitment to repeal Minnesota’s abortion restrictions. Join UnRestrict Minnesota and commit to:

  • Use my voice to demand affordable and compassionate abortion care for all Minnesotans
  • Speak to friends, family, colleagues, and my community about Minnesota’s current abortion restrictions
  • Listen to, learn from, and support reproductive justice organizations leading change
  • Contact my state legislators to demand they repeal Minnesota’s abortion restrictions

It’s time to respect all Minnesotans and treat abortion as it really is: essential health care.