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Take the Pledge!

It’s time to come together.

It’s not just Alabama and Georgia. At home in Minnesota, anti-abortion politicians have been quietly passing laws that restrict access to abortion care, increase health care costs, and intimidate patients and providers. In fact, more than 400 anti-abortion bills have been introduced in the Minnesota State legislature since 1995. As a result, there are only five abortion clinics remaining in the entire state.

Now is the time to protect our state and our communities.

  • Do you stand with the 72% of Minnesotans who agree that everyone should have the power and ability to make healthy decisions about their own bodies?
  • Do you stand with the Minnesota Constitution which protects the right to have an abortion and the decision to have one?
  • Do you respect others rights, freedoms, and independence to make their own decisions without the government trying to sway one way or the other?

Pledge your support below and join us to UnRestrict Minnesota!