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Take the Pledge!

It’s time to come together to protect abortion access in Minnesota.

Now more than ever, we must come together to ensure every Minnesotan can safely get the essential health care they need, including and especially pregnancy and abortion care.

Access to safe and affordable abortion is an essential part of pregnancy care. Abortion is a personal decision, and people who have abortions make their decision based on what is best for their health, family, and personal circumstances. We must trust Minnesotans to decide for themselves the outcome of a pregnancy.

As our communities work to keep food on the table, replace lost income, and keep families safe, it is critical that Minnesotans receive the essential pregnancy care they need, especially time-sensitive care like prenatal services, birth control, and abortion. However, there are currently only five abortion clinics remaining to serve the entire state. This is due to more than 400 anti-abortion bills that were introduced or passed in the Minnesota State legislature since 1995.

Now is the time to protect our state and our communities.

  • Do you agree that when someone decides to have an abortion, they deserve affordable and safe care with the support of healthcare providers they trust?
  • Do you stand with the 72% of Minnesotans who agree that everyone should have the power and ability to make healthy decisions about their own bodies?
  • Do you stand with the Minnesota Constitution which protects the right to have an abortion and the decision to have one?

Join UnRestrict Minnesota today and pledge your support to protect our state, our communities, and our families.