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Partner Perspectives: Wen Brovold

Check out this partner feature of Wen Brovold from Family Tree Clinic discussing identity and abortion care.

Wen Brovold is the Director of Advancement at Family Tree Clinic – one of our incredible partner organizations. Family Tree Clinic is a leader in the reproductive and sexual health care field. They champion sexuality education and advocate for reproductive and sexual rights at the legislative level, including abortion access. The clinic is committed to strong partnerships in the community and determined to thrive in our social and political environment.

Wen started escorting at a clinic in Fargo, North Dakota at the age of 16. It was the only abortion clinic in the state. At this time, the Lambs of Christ had descended upon Fargo and taken over. It was wildly political and Wen felt it was important to show up and escort because they were also an out queer kid. In North Dakota, in the early ’90s, that was a big deal.

At a young age, Wen saw the connection between groups of people being told what they can and cannot do with their body and how they could be in the world. They did not agree and decided to join the movement to make sure everyone had access to their basic freedoms, which include rights to abortion access.

“It’s time for Minnesotans to come together, talk about abortion care, protect our rights and values, and make sure everyone has the access to health care that they need.”


UnRestrict Minnesota is a community supported, public awareness campaign that aims to educate and motivate Minnesotans to stay informed about the abortion laws in our state. The campaign is driven by a growing number of community partners – advocates, health care providers, lawyers, union members, and concerned citizens who support every Minnesotan’s right to access abortion care in our state. Click here to learn more about each of our partner organizations, their missions, and how you can support their work.